Community Advisory Committee

A sub-committee of GMCT, the Community Advisory Committee plays an important advisory role on consumer views relating to service governance, service planning and development.

Our Community Advisory Committee members

The Community Advisory Committee is an advisory committee that helps GMCT ensure that community and consumer views are considered in the planning and delivery of our services. The committee also provides advice relating to the integration of consumer and community views at all levels of cemetery trust operations, planning and policy development.

The Community Advisory Committee is composed of three Trust members, Elizabeth Beattie (Chair), Katerina Angelopoulos and David Cragg, and the following community members:

  • Tania De Carli

  • Justine Hadj

  • Rahil Khan

  • Anita Rivera

  • Claire Baxter

  • Candy Caballero

  • Preety Dhiman

  • Sam Holleran

  • Danella Webb