When someone has died

It can be overwhelming losing someone you love. This guide will help you and your family when you need immediate advice organising a funeral.

Every situation is unique, and families have different needs. This page includes general information to help you start the process and ask the right questions.

Working together

The first step is to ensure family members and friends understand and agree on their roles. This is a very important step. Arranging a funeral is never easy, but we find that those who have strong support networks to rely on, and families who have clear expectations of each other’s roles, tend to have an easier experience. Reach out to your support networks, or find out how to seek support here.

Choosing a funeral director

The next step is to choose a funeral director. This is an important and personal decision.

Many funeral directors specialise in meeting the specific needs of particular communities, while others provide highly personalised services. We recommend you speak with family and friends, or reach out to your community to seek recommendations and learn from the experiences of others. Consumer Affairs Victoria maintains a list of registered funeral providers.

You do not have to have engaged a funeral director to enquire about the services we provide, but once you have, they can handle all the cemetery arrangements on your behalf (e.g. booking a burial, cremation, chapel service or post-funeral function).

When there's a plan in place

Your loved one, friends or family may already have a plan in place. This might be a formal, written plan, or it might be something that has been discussed over time.

If you are unsure whether there is a plan in place, it can be helpful to talk with close family and friends to find out. If you know where your loved one keeps important documents, for example their will, this is a good place to start. We encourage families to keep any pre-purchased cemetery or funeral deeds in a safe place.

The plan may include details regarding your loved one’s preference for burial or cremation, the cemetery or venue where they would like the funeral to be held, and/or details of an existing grave or cremation memorial. This information will help you and your funeral director put the plan into action.

Sometimes even the best laid plans are difficult to carry out. If you aren’t sure where to start, or would like to discuss how to enact a plan you already have in place, you can call your funeral director or contact our customer care team.    

Choosing your cemetery services

If you don’t have a clear idea of your loved one’s preferences, you can start by seeing what we offer and which locations we manage. These pages can help you and your family have a discussion about which options work for you.

In some areas, cremation memorials and graves are selected at an appointment with our team. In other areas, your funeral director will book the service and the cemetery will allocate a position in the area.

Cemetery fees are strictly regulated by the State Government, and we provide a price list for the available options at each location. However, estimating the final cost can be complicated due to the range of unique options you can choose from, including service fees charged by your funeral director.

Please contact us or your funeral director for specific information.