Victorian State Legislation for Cemeteries and Crematoria

In Victoria all public cemeteries and crematoria are regulated by the Cemeteries & Crematoria Act 2003. Cemeteries are governed by cemetery trusts which are divided into Class A and Class B cemetery trusts. Class A cemetery trusts have greater financial responsibilities with corresponding reporting and accountability requirements and govern the larger public cemeteries.

The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust is a Class A Cemetery Trust.



Date Published 
Form 1 Application for Interment Authorisation  June 2015 Select
Form 3 Application for Cremation Authorisation June 2015 Select
Form 4 Certificate of Registered Medical Practitioner Authorising Cremation  June 2015 Select
Form 5 Application to Secretary for Exhumation Licence June 2015 Select

*Note that the Form 2 does not apply for use in Public Cemeteries