Historical groups and societies

Our cemeteries and memorial parks are a rich source for those investigating of the history of Melbourne and its environs as well as family history. Whether your interest is in genealogy or local history, GMCT is fortunate to collaborate with a variety of friends groups and play host to historical societies as they continue to chart the story of our city and how it has grown.

That can be seen in the pioneer areas in places like Emerald and Healesville or the indelible mark left by early migrant groups in Werribee and Keilor. Our history is your history.

Historical societies and groups

Many local historical societies organise events and projects involving our cemeteries. If you would like to find out more, we recommend that you visit Royal Historical Society of Victoria's website and search for your local historical societies or groups.

Do you have an interest in the history and significance of our cemeteries?

Visit the resources section of our website to find out more.

Friends groups

Our friends groups and volunteers are making significant contributions towards our cemeteries and are offering their time, talents and expertise in many areas. We are proud to work with the following groups: