Tenure Program

What is the GMCT Tenure Program?


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) Tenure Program is an important part of the organisation’s commitment to sustainability.

Over the history of GMCT’s 18 cemeteries and memorial parks, many graves have been purchased ahead of time, but never used. This may be because the owner has moved overseas or interstate, or has chosen a burial site elsewhere. There are also many instances where the owner of the grave has passed away and their family simply didn’t know they had pre-purchased a grave site and therefore made other arrangements.

The purpose of the Tenure Program is to identify long-term unused graves in order to maximise available burial space and provide for the community into the future.

GMCT is committed to working with families, local communities and Right of Interment holders to ensure our services and products meet community needs and expectations.

We are focused on providing exceptional customer care through living our values of respect, compassion, integrity and sustainability, and through innovative systems, processes and services.

Our services are conducted with the utmost respect and dignity and meet the highest standards of government regulation and industry best practice.


What is involved in the Tenure Program process?


This process is governed by the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2003, s.91 and several steps have defined time periods which must be adhered to. These specify the amount of days the individual has to respond to GMCT’s notices and/or letters.

It is important to note that once a burial has taken place in a grave, it is ‘vested in perpetuity’, meaning that it will never be subject to the process outlined above.

We encourage all Right of Interment (ROI) holders to contact us directly to ensure we have their current details on record. This will assist us should we need to make contact regarding issues relating to their Right of Interment.

What happens if my grave is identified as part of the above process?

Contact us as soon as possible to update your contact details and advise GMCT of your wishes in relation to the grave.

What if I don’t want/need the grave anymore?

What happens if my grave is cancelled and resold?


Public Notices


Date of Notice Publication


Notice Period Expiry


11 November 2015 [PDF]

Herald Sun

2 December 2015


15 February 2016 [PDF]

The Age

4 March 2016

8 November 2016 [PDF]

Herald Sun

28 November 2016