Living Legacy Forest

Everyone’s legacy can be connected to trees.


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) is proud to partner with Living Legacy Forest to launch a new innovation for the memorialisation of cremated remains.

In memory of your loved ones, options are now available for cremated remains to be transformed into life-giving nourishment for a growing tree.


You can choose from a variety of trees, to be planted at agreed locations of your choice. A further 200 trees are also planted locally and abroad to replace the air we breathe in a lifetime.

People often wish to be remembered in ways that honour their personal, cultural and religious values.

If you wish to make trees part of your legacy in a way that suits you, we have various memorial options available.

Living Legacy Forest Tree  

“Infuse your ashes into a tree”

Collective Legacy Forest

“200 tree memorial without infusion”

Legacy Giftcard

“A gift of trees in memory of your loved one”

Key information

For more information about Living Legacy Forest memorialisation and to discuss options in tree species and cemetery sites, contact GMCT on 1300 022 298