Living Legacy Forest

Honour life by creating a living memorial tree in your community for people, place, and planet.

The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) is proud to partner with Living Legacy Forest to launch a new concept for the memorialisation of cremated remains.

Patented technology scientifically transforms cremated remains into micronutrients which are then fed into the roots of a personally chosen memorial tree. In essence your loved one lives on forever, becoming part of nature*.

The Living Legacy Forest option is available exclusively through GMCT at a number of its cemeteries and memorial parks across Melbourne’s north, east and west. Select your preferred tree species and site.

In addition, when you choose a Living Legacy Forest Tree, Living Legacy Forest will also plant 200 trees locally and abroad in your name with world-leading partners in reforestation.

Living Legacy Forest Trees can be purchased for $10,465 (GST free), which includes the planting of a semi-mature tree (approx. 1.5 to 2 metres tall), the patented Living Legacy Forest formula, the planting of 200 offset trees, a Living Legacy Forest 'Light Path Earth Marker' so the details of your loved one is associated with the tree and access to the Gen Connect smart phone app to help loved ones easily locate a persons Living Legacy Forest Tree.

A Living Legacy Forest Tree can have up to four interments per tree – in effect creating an actual 'family tree'.  Interments that occur after the initial planting involve the creation of a circular tube where the additional cremated remains are interred, together with the patented formula.  Each additional interment incurs a fee of $1230 (GST free).

With one choice, you can create a legacy that lives on, contribute a forest and create an ongoing sustainable impact on the planet.

For more information about Living Legacy Forest memorialisation and to discuss options in tree species and cemetery sites, contact GMCT on 1300 022 298.

Key information


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The Living Legacy Forest promise integrates three elements to create meaningful memorials:


Paying tribute to the preciousness of life with care, respect and integrity.


People can pay their respects by donating additional trees for their loved ones’ memorialisation and footprint.


200 trees planted in your name representing the lasting impression your life had on people, place and planet.