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Victoria 3070
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There are currently no burial or memorial options available at Northcote Cemetery.

Northcote Cemetery was established in May 1861 and there have been approximately 200 burials in the cemetery. The cemetery has been closed since 1908, except to holders of rights of burial - with the last burial taking place in 1971.

The burial records of the cemetery no longer exist, but some records have been reconstructed using the old reciept books and a plan of the cemetery.

One notable monument within the cemetery is to Thomas Weatherall, who was buried in 1892, he was the works manager of the Northcote Brickworks. The monument was erected by the shareholders and workers of the brickworks and bears the words "Sweet Rest in Heaven".

Another interment, is that of Carl Adolph August Schwaebsch, a former councillor of the Shire of Northcote and descendent of August Schwaebsch, one of the founders of the cemetery.

Cemetery opening hours:

In an effort to minimise damage to the monuments the cemetery is normally locked. By prior arrangement the cemetery will be opened to allow the public to visit.

Getting there:

View Google Maps for directions to the park.

Office hours:

Enquiries relating to Northcote Cemetery are handled at our Preston Cemetery office located at 900 Plenty Road, Bundoora, Victoria 3083.