• Date: 30/12/2013
  • Cemetery: Media, News & Events
17 December 2013   Williamstown Cemetery Tree Removal   The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) intends to remove several aged Aleppo Pines from the historic Williamstown Cemetery in January 2014. Williamstown Cemetery is one of Melbourne's oldest cemeteries and contains a number of important assets, including horticultural specimens that are integral to the design and history of the cemetery.  Among these are many mature trees and palms. A recent report by an independent arborist has recommended the removal of four of the Aleppo Pines that occur at the southern end of the cemetery.   One of the trees is already dead and a further two have had the tops broken out of them. A fourth tree has developed a lean and is in danger of falling over. The lifting roots from this tree are causing damage to a grave. The GMCT is currently working with Heritage Victoria to obtain permission to remove the trees.  Once approval is granted the trees will be removed as soon as practical. With respect to the importance of the trees to the heritage and design of the Williamstown Cemetery, which was one of the first naval cemeteries in Victoria, the Pines will be replaced in autumn or winter with advanced specimens of the same species. These have already been sourced and are being held for GMCT to plant in cooler weather. Members of the public who may be interested in the tree removal are invited to join GMCT's Manager of Horticulture Kevin Walsh on Monday 30 December at 4pm at the historic fountain within the Williamstown Cemetery.     Media enquiries please contact: Judith Mooney Corporate Communications Advisor (03) 9355 3016