• Date: 30/01/2018
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

30 January 2018

Occupational health and safety concerns have seen The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust make a policy decision to remove ladders used by visitors at the mausoleums it manages across Melbourne.

Many of the people visiting the mausoleums are old and frail and they use the ladders to access the upper level crypts of loved ones. 

GMCT’s decision to remove the ladders from the mausoleums it administers has been implemented in a phased manner. The program to remove the ladders for public use will conclude in April when ladders at the Fawkner Memorial Park mausoleum are withdrawn.

Further, given the health and safety concerns, GMCT will not be able to grant permission to people who request to bring their own ladders to the GMCT mausoleums.

GMCT’s policy on ladder removals is consistent with cemetery industry practice.

GMCT understands that not everyone will be happy with the decision to remove the ladders but the issue of public safety is paramount. GMCT also recognises that public safety standards and expectations have evolved over time and the new policy reflects that reality.

Looking ahead, to assist client families who have used ladders to access upper level crypts, GMCT can, if requested install flower vases for individual crypts that can be moved by a family member using a pole provided for public use. Currently, such vases are generally affixed to each crypt and cannot be moved. These movable vases will enable families to insert fresh flowers to outside crypts and artificial flowers to inside crypts at a time of their choosing.

GMCT staff members are also available to place artificial flowers on upper level crypts that were previously accessed by visitors using ladders. This service can be arranged with prior notice.

Established in 2010, GMCT is a not for profit organisation that administers 19 cemeteries and memorial parks,  including seven mausoleums across Melbourne’s northern, western and eastern suburbs.