• Date: 12/05/2011
  • Cemetery: Fawkner Memorial Park
Olympic great Lord Sebastian Coe visited Fawkner Memorial Park on Thursday 12 May to honour the memory of Britian's first Olympic champion, Launceston Elliot. During his visit Lord Coe placed a bouquet of flowers on Elliot's grave, which is currently unmarked. "It's such a shame in a way that it is an unmarked grave," Lord Coe said. "I know the British Olympic Association is very keen to create a proper headstone, which is the right thing to do". Amongst other sporting achievements, Elliot is best remembered for winning the onehanded weightlifting event at the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896. Elliot was born in India in 1874 to a prominent Scottish family. The family returned to England in 1887, where Elliot's potential as a weightlifter was identified and he began training. Following his sporting career, Elliot emigrated to Australia in 1923 and took-up farming. He died on August 8, 1930, from spinal cancer. Across the north, east and west of Melbourne, cemeteries managed by The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust contain many memorials to fascinating and historically significant people. Photos available on request. Download a PDF copy of the media release here