• Date: 28/12/2017
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

Download the PDF statement here.

(The comments below are attributable to Ms Jacqui Weatherill, CEO, The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust)

“The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust welcomes the action by the Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission’ (IBAC) to promote to public sector organisations the initiatives undertaken by GMCT to prevent corruption.

“GMCT self reported to IBAC two incidents of attempted bribery of a GMCT officer. The first incident was in 2013 and the second in 2015.

“The incidents led to IBAC investigations and the prosecution of a member of the public for the first incident.

“GMCT is alert to the possibilities of bribery and we regularly review our processes and work constructively with IBAC and government to minimise our risk exposure.

“Indeed, since 2015 we have strengthened our gifts, benefits and hospitality policy to ensure that every staff member is aware of the policy and its ramifications.

“We also developed new controls around burial plot allocation.

“As IBAC pointed out, there are valuable lessons for all public sector agencies as a result of our experiences and how we responded.”


Leigh Funston, acting manager communications and engagement
0414 8666 97