• Date: 26/02/2015
  • Cemetery: Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery

The news bulletin is to provide important information for local residents regarding maintenance works currently taking place at Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Preventative Maintenance

The GMCT is currently undertaking the removal of several self-sown, mature palm trees from the cemetery grounds, in particular those located between and within individual gravesites. These palm trees have become problematic, as they undermine and eventually cause severe damage to grave memorials and monuments.

Project Duration

This constitutes Phase 2 of a 3-phase project to remove the palm trees, and will continue throughout 2015. Later in 2015 a followup assessment will be undertaken by the GMCT to determine the scope of works required beyond 2015. An independent arborist has been contracted to undertake the delicate works, and all works are being undertaken in accordance with relevant council by-laws. There is no anticipated disruption to local traffic (public road system) and a traffic management plan is in place for internal roads, ensuring minimal impact on visitation during this period and compliance with relevant OH&S.


The GMCT has recieved a permit from Vic Roads regarding access to the cemetery via Elizabeth Street in order to remove a large palm from this area. We have been notified by our contractor that this work is due to commence Thursday 26 February 2015 and should be completed the same day. Local traffic will have continued access to Elizabeth Street during this time, with the support of a traffic management plan.

Commitment to Community

Continuous improvement of our facilities and the 'customer experience' for our visitors and clients is of utmost importance. The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust is committed to responding to the needs of local communities, with respect to its Cemeteries and Memorial Parks, ensuring the comfort, safety and convenience of all visitors, as well as effective and efficient management of its sites.

The scheduled removal of palms is a significant part of the Trust's ongoing maintenance and beautification strategy for all sites. This is in line with our commitment to enhance the experience of visitors to our sites, and to avoid or reduce further damage to monuments and gravesites.


Should you have any concerns or queries about the works currently taking place at Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery, please contact Helen Linehan, Outdoor Senior Supervisor: (03) 9355 3100 or email: hlinehan@gmct.com.au