• Date: 21/08/2017
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

Ms. Jacqui Weatherill, chief executive of The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT), has been named one of 50 outstanding female leaders in the Victorian public sector. Ms Weatherill was recognised at this week’s Top 50 Public Sector Women event, an initiative of one of a recruitment and HR consulting company Davidson.

The event acknowledges the achievements of public sector women and the strides made by the sector towards gender equality in leadership positions.

“The Top 50 list was developed to put a spotlight on inspirational female leaders, to highlight their work and to help create role models for other women working in the Victorian Public Sector,” Sharon Ardley, Davidson’s General Manager of HR Consulting Victoria, said.

Nominated for the award by staff of The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, Ms Weatherill’s transformational leadership was highlighted along with her values-led approach to building an engaged workplace culture. 

View the full media release here.