• Date: 30/10/2018
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

Consultation with our community and our customers is crucial to planning for cemeteries that meet the needs of all Victorians. A key part of this is respecting the end-of-life customs and traditions of Melbourne’s diverse population.  

We’re inviting local community leaders to help us better meet the needs of our Islamic community in relation to burial sites. GMCT has constructed an additional 2,550 Islamic grave sites at Northern Memorial Park, but there’s more work to be done planning for the site’s long-term expansion and for the development of our greenfield site and future cemetery at Harkness in Melbourne’s west.

GMCT’s planning for cemeteries of the future will need to address legislation, land availability, expanding urban context, burial preference and the limited capacities of our existing cemeteries and memorial parks.

Consultation will provide a clearer picture of our local communities’ religious and cultural requirements, demand for certain grave types and burial preferences. These insights will inform future planning.

 “It’s great to see GMCT doing this kind of work towards inclusivity of all faiths and practices,” Nail Aykan, executive director of the Islamic Council of Victoria, said.

“Religious traditions regarding death d burial are important for all faiths, and any family or community grieving the loss of a loved one can take comfort in knowing their beliefs will be recognised and supported in such a difficult time.”

GMCT’s community connections lead Elisabeth Agren said working closely with local communities would help make GMCT cemeteries more accessible for all.

“It helps make sure we can find ways to meet the needs of our cultural and religious communities while also following land and planning laws,” she said.

“It can be one of the most complex parts of our work, but also one of the most rewarding.”