• Date: 25/01/2019
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

GMCT’s cemeteries and memorial parks are special places that can be embraced as part of everyday life. Our staff have recommended some of their favourite locations at our parks to visit during the summer months - whether for leisure, remembrance or reflection:

Historic tearooms   |   Fawkner Memorial Park

Fawkner’s historic tearooms were constructed in 1935. Today the tearooms are a popular cafe stop, offering train passengers and cemetery visitors a peaceful place to relax.

Stop by if you’re looking for somewhere indoors on a warmer day or to enjoy a cup of tea or cool drink sitting outdoors in the sunshine.

Lakeside walk    |   Northern Memorial Park

Northern Memorial Park is a natural haven for wildlife and GMCT’s only memorial park with solely native flora and fauna.

Try a lakeside walk by the Murray Dam. A tree-lined path will guide you through this perfect location for bird watching or a quiet morning stroll.  

Arbour near Mount Olivet  |  Altona Memorial Park

Altona Memorial Park’s botanical landscape is a beautiful place for reflection. At the right time of the year the arbour at Mount Olivet is covered in greenery, providing a shaded spot to sit and enjoy the quiet surroundings.

Lawns  |  Lilydale Memorial Park

Scenic Lilydale Memorial Park offers views of the hills of the Yarra Valley. There is an abundance of grassed areas for a stop in the sunshine on warmer days.

You will find shade near the old winery building, or try Djeernongs Walk for a stroll through the trees.

Garden of Eternal Memories  |  Fawkner Memorial Park

The Garden of Eternal Memories is a quiet sanctuary tucked away next to Fawkner Memorial Park’s chapel complex. The area is surrounded by rose gardens and features contemporary landscaping, plenty of shade and a mosaic to honour Australian servicemen and women.

Our locations

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Visiting hours

All GMCT cemeteries are open to visitors every day of the year. Visiting hours denote the times when the gates to our cemeteries are open and vehicle access is available (if applicable). 

Visiting hours during daylight savings are from 7.30am – 7.30pm.

Summer safety

In the warm summer weather it is important to take care when visiting our cemeteries and memorial parks. Find out more about summer safety at our cemeteries here.