• Date: 30/08/2018
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

New data shows that a growing number of ‘cremation only ’ bookings that GMCT receives from funeral directors are now made online.

GMCT’s funeral director portal was introduced in June last year to provide funeral directors with an online resource that automates the booking service for cremations and provides instant confirmation of the time booked. It also enables a funeral director to access their invoices.

The CEO of GMCT, Jacqui Weatherill said the funeral director portal will now be taken to the next level and is being expanded and improved to provide an online booking service for a wider range of GMCT services and facilities.

“GMCT is investing in this new online product to enhance the customer experience for our funeral directors. Over the next 12 months, users of the portal will see the gradual introduction of new service offerings and updates. It will be a state of the art product,” Jacqui said.

'…shaped by the needs of funeral directors...'

“The development of this product will be shaped by the needs of funeral directors. We know that an increasing number of funeral directors appreciate the time and efficiency savings associated with this online booking service.

“We are now set to enhance the interactivity of the portal. We will be discussing with funeral directors what are their specific service and information needs at this stage of the portal’s evolution,” she said.

Currently, all bookings for services other than cremations are done over the phone. Bookings for chapels and burials in particular are time sensitive. It may take several calls to confirm a booking and this can lead to frustration and delays.

“For some of the funeral directors we serve, transitioning from a paper-based system is challenging. We are continuing to work with such firms, some of which are small family run businesses to build mutual understanding,” Jacqui said.

“We recognise the funeral director portal must satisfy the needs of a diverse audience. It is not about what works for GMCT, but what works for our funeral directors.”