• Date: 14/01/2015
  • Cemetery: Fawkner Memorial Park

Fawkner Memorial Park - Fourth Avenue Pilot Study

The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) was formed in 2010 following the amalgamation of 8 individual cemetery trusts responsible for the administration of 18 individual cemetery sites. As part of the amalgamation the newly formed trust inherited no fewer than 8 individual corporate brands and themes.

Over time since the amalgamation the GMCT has progressively worked to update the corporate branding of each site including all branded collateral including brochures, uniforms, documentation and signage, much of which is now complete.

In regards to cemetery signage however the size and scale of re-branding all 18 sites has been an enormous task and as a result there remains a vast array of inconsistency with the signage inventory. In late 2014 a new project group was established and given a mandate to expedite the transition of all branded signage to a single, uniform and robust signage family.

The first stage of the project has been to establish a style guide and signage family, including an in-situ pilot program for field testing of the actual signs. Due to the location of GMCT's corporate office and the high volume of traffic, Fourth Avenue at Fawkner Memorial Park was selected as the location of the pilot.

Following the completion of the pilot a phased rollout of the finalised signage family will be implemented over the course of the 2015 and 2016.

Community Feedback

The GMCT would appreciate any feedback from members of the community in regards to the propose signage, including;

  • Design
  • Colour
  • Size
  • Visibility
  • Overall amenity with the cemetery environment

Signage Pic 1

All feedback will be fed into the project group for consideration before the signage family is finalised in early 2015.

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