• Date: 11/04/2017
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

In December 2016, GMCT introduced a new online contractor/supplier management system that improves workplace health and safety in our cemeteries. The introduction of this system is part of GMCT’s commitment to providing safe spaces for all visitors to GMCT locations.

The new contractor management system – called Cm3 – enables GMCT to conduct a more streamlined and transparent validation of suppliers undertaking work at our cemeteries. This reduces risk for all visitors, staff and contractors/suppliers.

Contractors/suppliers who register with Cm3 have demonstrated that they hold the qualifications, certificates and insurance required to work at GMCT. Importantly, this tells GMCT which contractors/suppliers have met the organisation’s high standards for health and safety requirements while also streamlining the process for contractors/suppliers applying for work permits.

To date, GMCT has successfully rolled out Cm3 to construction and maintenance contractors/suppliers. Now only those with Cm3 registration can undertake work at GMCT.

Currently, Cm3 is being rolled out to stonemasons, with funeral directors to follow from 1 June. After completion of these rollouts, members of the public will have greater confidence that the stonemasons and funeral directors they engage will carry out works on their behalf safely and with the necessary insurance and qualifications in place.

GMCT will also check each contractor during the permit application process for Cm3 compliance, but members of the public are free to ask the funeral director and stonemason they are considering whether they are already registered with Cm3.

More information

More information about Cm3 and how it benefits all visitors to GMCT is available here. Enquiries about Cm3 can be directed to GMCT’s customer care centre on 1300 022 298 or enquiries@gmct.com.au.