• Date: 14/09/2018
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

GMCT''s Geographic Information System (GIS) now fully integrates with your personal mobile device’s built-in GPS function.

We have updated our online mapping function to take advantage of mobile technology and to help you pinpoint locations during your visit.

When you visit a GMCT cemetery, you can use our GIS to track your own location and more easily get to your destination, as well as identify geographic details such as individual grave locations, memorials, roads and facilities.

Our GIS maps over 650 hectares of land across 19 individual sites. We’re very pleased to be able to make navigating this space easier for our customers and visitors.

“The new feature makes it easier to find your way around our cemeteries when you’re out and about in the grounds. Because the system maps individual plots at our sites, visitors can now locate the resting place of their loved one with greater accuracy – and without needing to print a map or ask for directions at reception,” GMCT GIS officer Karina Vitiritti said.

“It’s one of the most advanced cemetery mapping systems in Australia and we will continue to work to add new features to the GIS in future.”

Open to the public and to business

The GIS is a free public resource, and available at all hours of the day for the public and for our business partners. It’s available on personal devices, desktop and laptop computers, and at dedicated kiosks across GMCT regions.

Please note that if you have previously bookmarked GIS in an internet browser for quicker access, you will now need to update the address to https://mapping.gmct.com.au/Public90/

Find out more

  • Access our deceased search function and GIS mapping system here
  • View printable site maps of our cemeteries here.
  • Read more about the work of GMCT’s GIS officers here.