• Date: 31/08/2018
  • Cemetery: Northcote Cemetery

New information available online provides insight into those interred at Northcote Cemetery – a quaint cemetery in Melbourne’s northern suburbs which closed 110 years ago.

Data from the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry suggests approximately 1200 burials took place at the cemetery. This represents a significant increase on an earlier estimate of 200.

Northcote Cemetery was established in May 1861 and is one of GMCT’s oldest sites. The cemetery was closed in 1908, except to those who had purchased right of interment. The last interment took place in 1971.

Notably, the new data helps tell the stories of those interred at Northcote where sparse information has been available previously. Given the cemetery’s long history, many burial records have had to be reconstructed using old receipt books and plans of the site. Similarly, as a consequence of the cemetery’s age and incomplete records inherited from previous trusts, no records from Northcote Cemetery are currently available via GMCT’s deceased search.

GMCT has published the data from the Birth, Deaths and Marriages Registry to assist researchers and descendants of those interred at the cemetery.  

“We are grateful to the Birth, Deaths and Marriages Registry for allowing GMCT to use this information to improve our own data relating to Northcote cemetery, and as an aid to research,” GMCT digitisation program leader Noela Bajjali said.

Click the links below to download PDF lists of interments from the Births, Deaths and Marriages  Register.

One notable monument within Northcote Cemetery is to Thomas Weatherall, who was buried in 1892. Weatherall was the works manager at the Northcote Brickworks. The monument was erected by the shareholders and workers of the brickworks and bears the words "Sweet Rest in Heaven". 

Another notable interment is that of Carl Adolph August Schwaebsch, a former councillor of the Shire of Northcote and descendant of August Schwaebsch, one of the founders of the cemetery.

About GMCT’s cemetery records

GMCT was established in 2010 through a merger of eight separate cemetery trusts. At this time, GMCT inherited the records of each previous trust. Unfortunately, many of the inherited original hard copy records were incomplete. Many of our cemeteries have been in operation for a long time – some for more than 150 years. Historical manual record keeping processes may have only collected limited information and records may have been lost as a result of fire or other physical damage over time.  

The trust is investing considerable resources to improve the quality of our cemetery management, deceased search and mapping systems. We are also undertaking an extensive project to digitise our historical record collections, with a view to making some of these records available online via the deceased search.

A more detailed search of cemetery records can be requested either via Freedom of Information (for records created after 5 July 1978) or the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act. Charges may apply to such requests.

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While community organisations, historical societies, friends groups and other websites are an excellent additional resource, GMCT cannot guarantee the accuracy of data from alternative sources.