• Date: 11/11/2016
  • Cemetery: Fawkner Memorial Park

Fawkner Memorial Park is currently featured in the MoreArt Public Art Show. Come and take a look at the intriguing artwork installation on display next to Fawkner station!

The piece by artist Marcia Ferguson is called Box Forest and includes an installation of planter boxes containing native grasses that would have grown on site prior to John Fawkner’s transformation of the area and the early development of Fawkner Memorial Park.

Marcia has also developed another piece, Train lines, which consists of stencilled artworks in view of commuters catching the train between Jewell and Coburg stations. The piece reflects on the past usage of the train line to transport deceased people from the city morgue to Fawkner Memorial Park.  Train lines was recently featured in The Age.  

GMCT was also featured as part of the festival last year. Artist Ben Landau used Fawkner Memorial Park as a backdrop for a leg of The Coburg Quest, a free interactive treasure hunt in which participants uncovered clues and solved riddles to discover parts of the cemetery.

The MoreArt Public Art Show is run annually by the City of Moreland and aims to transform urban environments into spaces for contemplation, celebration and imagination. You can read more about the festival here.