• Date: 18/12/2015
  • Cemetery: Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery

Melbourne Water is rehabilitating the main sewer at Merri Creek, which is in close proximity to Coburg Cemetery. Following a century of use, the brick sewer has deteriorated significantly and the rehabilitation works are needed to ensure it does not collapse.  

The main project is expected to commence in April 2016. Early works will begin in mid-January at a number of locations, mainly along Merri Creek from the north of Bell Street in Coburg to near St Georges Road in Brunswick.

Merri Creek runs close to the Elizabeth Street boundary of Coburg Cemetery. Visitors to the cemetery may notice works taking place including excavation, tree removal and increased construction vehicle traffic.

For further information click here or contact the project team at Melbourne Water. 

Phone: 1800 887 043 (free call from landline)

Email: merricreeksewer@melbournewater.com.au