• Date: 27/09/2018
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

GMCT is seeking community input on how cemeteries can best support the remembrance of children and young people who have passed away. 

The first survey topic for the GMCT Community Voice Panel will focus on how cemeteries can provide for the meaningful memorialisation of young people in ways that reflect community sentiment.

You may or may not have been directly touched by grief for a child close to you. Either way, we value your input on this very important issue.

Get involved 

The survey on memorialisation of young people will be distributed to Community Voice Panel members beginning Monday 1 October 2018

Join the panel if you have not yet registered. Everyone's voice matters, and everybody is welcome to participate.

About the panel 

GMCT's Community Voice Panel is an online research program inviting you to share your opinion once per month via survey. Topics will cover a range of cemetery issues, including:

  • cemetery products and services
  • end of life and final care
  • memorialisation and remembrance
  • cemeteries and memorial parks as community spaces
  • history, heritage, education and research
  • the future of cemeteries.

GMCT also welcomes and encourages topic suggestions from panel members.We’re planning for the cemeteries of the future and striving to understand what matters most to you, to your family and to future generations.

Contact us 

For more information, or to suggest a topic for the Community Voice Panel to explore, please contact GMCT’s community connections team: