• Date: 25/07/2018
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In 2016 GMCT introduced a real game changer—the first Geographic Information System (GIS) for cemeteries in Victoria.

This powerful, cutting edge technology has allowed GMCT to map nearly every square metre of more than 650 hectares of land spread over 19 cemeteries and memorial parks.

GIS officers Tina and Karina have been busy mapping every detail: burial areas, roads, pathways, trees, facilities and individual graves and memorials.

This system, which users have likened to Google Earth for cemeteries, has allowed us to fully integrate our site maps with our cemetery management system, meaning hundreds of thousands of grave locations can now be pinpointed from our website.

“The GIS is compatible with most mobile devices,” said GIS Officer Tina Bell.

“Customers can use their personal devices on-site to find the graves of relatives or notable figures.”

Users can also locate graves and print hard copy maps from home, or at dedicated terminals across our regions.

“There is the potential to create self-guided tours, to map data insights and maximise land use, and to come up with new ways of using the technology,” Tina said.

“The possibilities are endless.”

In the near future, funeral directors and stonemasons making funeral bookings or applying for mason permits will be provided a map pinpointing the location of the relevant grave.

Did you know you can use the GIS in your business?

“The deceased search on our website is a free public resource for all our customers and business partners to use,” said GMCT’s manager business and industry experience Cameron Moray-Smith.

“Imagine sitting in front of a family and being able to pinpoint the family grave they want to use for a booking, or exactly where they want to erect a monument.

“Imagine printing maps to the grave side burial service for your families. Imagine printing maps for your staff or contractors to lead them directly to a worksite.

“Many funeral directors and stonemasons are already using the GIS to improve their service delivery and add value for their customers.

“We’re really excited to see the new and innovative ways our partners might choose to use this powerful tool in their businesses.”

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You access the deceased search and GIS mapping system here