• Date: 24/12/2018
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

Please consider Melbourne's weather conditions if you are a right of interment holder or visitor to a GMCT cemetery this summer. 

Grave subsidence

Increased rainfall during recent storm events has affected the ground level in some GMCT cemeteries and memorial parks.

Wet weather events can cause grave subsidence, where the soil compresses and the ground level is lowered. This is a natural process that should not be cause for concern.

Grave subsidence can be corrected with a grave top up.

You can learn more about grave subsidence and request a grave top up using the form here.

Summer safety

Please consider how you can ensure your safety when visiting our cemeteries this summer. 

Wet weather

Take care when moving through cemetery grounds during wet weather periods and avoid areas that may be slippery.

Please note wet weather also creates excellent growing conditions for lawns at our cemeteries, which may be mowed more frequently during this time. 


Snakes may be spotted in our cemeteries during the summer months - particularly in warm, dark places such as piles of leaves, weeds, rocks and ground-level vegetation.

Please be mindful when moving around our cemeteries. Snakes are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. Do not approach any snake and immediately report snake sightings to a GMCT staff member. 


GMCT recognises the responsibility we have to all visitors entering our cemeteries during the summer months when there is a heightened risk of bushfires.

While any GMCT cemetery may be affected by a bushfire, Andersons Creek, Healesville and Emerald Cemeteries have been identified by the CFA as being at particular risk due to their locality and surrounding environment.  These cemeteries have a bushfire plan in place and informational signage on site.

On any day declared by the CFA as being Code Red or Extreme, all GMCT cemeteries within the affected region will be CLOSED to all visitors. 

All services will be postponed until such time as conditions in the area are declared safe.

Please contact GMCT’s customer care team on 1300 022 298 for more information.