• Date: 15/08/2016
  • Cemetery: Fawkner Memorial Park

The Crick Chapel at Fawkner Memorial Park hosted a dynamic discussion about death this week as part of GMCT’s Dying to Know Day event.

Members of the community toured an open mausoleum crypt at the Holy Angels Mausoleum and enjoyed afternoon tea in the Crick Chapel before a presentation on the cremation process from GMCT’s crematorium supervisor.

Dying to Know Day is an international day (8 August) to promote ‘death literacy’. It encourages people to have open conversations about death and dying and take ownership over choices they make about the end of their lives.

Topics discussed on the day included:

  • natural burial and how it differs from a standard burial
  • how the recycling of coffin handles and other metals during the cremation process as part of the Orthometals program allows GMCT to  donate funds to charity
  • what constitutes a ‘good death’
  • Living Legacy Forest, GMCT’s new memorialisation option in which cremated remains become part of a living tree.

You can read more about Dying to Know Day here.

Please contact us or visit our resources page for more information on planning for end of life.