• Date: 12/10/2015
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home
The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust is proud to publish its 2014-15 Annual Report and 2015-16 Annual Plan.
The Annual Report highlights how GMCT is using its resources to meet the needs of the communities it serves, including major milestones. The 2014-15 audited financial report is also included in full.
2014-15 saw a shift in focus for the organisation, with the emphasis on ensuring GMCT is future-ready. The result was an expansion of our investments across infrastructure, assets, systems and workforce.
Our key achievements included:
  • The delivery of an integrated cemetery management, finance and asset management system
  • Renovations to Fawkner Memorial Park chapels
  • The launching of a new website
  • Commencement of upgrades to Altona Memorial Park’s crematorium and function facilities.
  • Released a concept design for a viewing room at Lilydale Memorial Park.
Read the 2014-15 Annual Report here.
Read the 2015-16 Annual Plan here.