• Date: 09/06/2017
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

GMCT trust member and community advisory committee chair Liz Beattie was pleased to present kindergarten children at Newport Gardens Early Years Learning Centre with a Certificate of Excellent Behaviour following the recent christening of the Williamstown fountain.

Over 30 kindergarten children attended the event on Friday 26 May, accompanied by their carers and teachers. The children enjoyed old-fashioned games with costumed characters and then settled on a mat at the front of the crowd to hear speeches by GMCT trust chair Geoff Mabbett and Minister Wade Noonan.

The children displayed excellent behaviour throughout, remaining quiet, sitting still and waving flags once the fountain was switched on.

Well done to the children of Newport Gardens Early Years Centre and also to educators and parents who have guided the children on their excellent behaviour!

GMCT trust member Liz Beattie with Leonie Hede, Coordinator Newport Gardens Early Years Learning Centre.

GMCT trust member Liz Beattie with carers, parents, grandparents, and a great grandparent of our young certificate recipients.