• Date: 31/05/2018
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

Community Voice Panel

Would you like to help shape the future of cemeteries? Would you like to have a say on matters relating to your local cemetery? We invite you to express interest in joining GMCT’s new online Community Voice Panel.

About the panel 

You will become part of a group of people who share their opinions and perspectives on a wide range of cemetery issues on a regular basis.

GMCT’s aim is to listen to as many voices as possible as we shape our cemeteries, products and services, and we welcome anyone who wants to participate.

Once the Community Voice Panel is formally established later this year, GMCT will invite those who have expressed interest to get involved online. We will share information with you about opportunities to participate in face-to-face sessions, such as focus groups and community meetings.

GMCT will also report back to participants on feedback collected from the panel.

Express your interest

Express your interest in being part of the Community Voice Panel now. You can:

We respect your privacy – personal information will be kept confidential and you can unsubscribe from the updates at any time.