• Date: 17/01/2018
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home

The chair of GMCT’s community advisory committee recently shared some interesting plans for 2018, including our largest community consultation program to date and the creation of a new ‘community voice’ panel.

The community advisory committee is an important part of our journey to make your voice part of the conversation as we develop the products and services we provide across our 19 cemeteries and memorial parks.

GMCT is in regular communication with over 80 community groups as we seek to understand how we can make our cemeteries and memorial parks relevant, inclusive and responsive to Melbourne’s evolving demographics.  The committee ensures these community views are considered in the planning and delivery of cemetery services.

At GMCT’s recent annual meeting, committee chair and trust member Liz Beattie outlined some of topics explored by the community advisory committee in 2016-17, including:

  • consumer views about GMCT services, gained through formal customer surveys
  • proposed and new infrastructure projects in response to community demand
  • how GMCT determines pricing, including the process of community consultation and submission to the Department for those fees to be approved and gazetted
  • the challenge of sourcing and purchasing new land for Melbourne’s future cemeteries.

Planning for the future

GMCT’s plan for the future is to ask our communities what is happening in their local area and how we can support positive community outcomes through our work as a cemetery trust.

In 2018, we will undertake community engagement on an unprecedented scale as we seek your views on future planning for our sites, having recently developed master plans for 10 of our cemeteries.

Listening to our communities

In 2018, GMCT will also look to develop an online community voice panel. You will have the opportunity to join the panel and have your say on cemetery matters.

We want to allow as many voices to be heard as possible, and aim to maintain a panel membership of 1500-2000. Members of the panel will be invited to contribute to consultation activities, surveys and research relevant to their demographic and interest area.

We will also report back to panel participants through an online community voice platform, and will continue to share updates about our community engagement activities, and customer feedback and insights through our other online channels such as Facebook and our website.

The panel is set to build relationships with our local communities and provide insights into the work do and the projects we are planning.

Find out more

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