• Date: 19/08/2019
  • Cemetery: Coburg Pine Ridge Cemetery

Removing any tree is a hard decision but if the tree is past its useful life and is a safety hazard it must be removed. Our audit of trees across the cemetery has shown we need to remove 40 declining cypress trees along the northern half of the James Street boundary, due to the potential risk they pose to members of the public.

GMCT is also monitoring the cypress trees in the southern section along the James Street boundary. These trees are a similar age and in a state of decline and will need to be removed in the next two years.

The tree removals will commence Tuesday 27 August 2019 and be finished by Friday 30 August. During this period, the contractor will have trucks, tree chipping machines, and two cranes on site.

The contractor has a traffic management plan and traffic controllers will operate for the duration the works. Bruce Street will be closed on Tuesday 27 August and partially closed Wednesday 28 August.

In the two weeks following the tree removals GMCT will attach shade cloth to the cyclone wire fence providing a temporary screen. The City of Darebin also plans to plant a mix of native evergreen species in the road reserve along James Street which will provide extra screening.

The cypress trees will be replaced by an extensive mix of native evergreen species that are fast growing, will be well adapted to the location, attract native bird life and provide seasonal interest along the James street boundary.

The re-planting will occur in autumn 2020 which is the next planting season. This will allow for the soil to recover and any remaining roots to break down so that the new trees will have the best environment for establishing and growing well.

Wherever possible the tree stock will be sourced in a 40L pot size and we will allow for a two year establishment period for new trees to ensure that watering is maintained during the critical establishment phase.

For further information about our tree management strategy, planting list and other works at the cemetery see our Coburg Cemetery factsheet here.

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Email: enquiries@gmct.com.au
Telephone: 1300 022 298