• Date: 06/10/2016
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home
History Week will be celebrated in Victoria from 16-23 October and we invite you join us in exploring the rich history of GMCT cemeteries. 

Take a walking tour

As part of History Week, Friends of Coburg Cemetery will be hosting ‘Lawyers, guns and money’, a walking tour telling tales of some of the cemetery’s most infamous characters.

The tour will be held on 16 October at Coburg Cemetery. See the event flyer here for more details

Everyone can enjoy the self-guided heritage walk at Lilydale Lawn Cemetery, where you can learn more about those who helped shaped the history of the local community, including Dame Nellie Melba, Ernest Buckmaster and the Sisters of Mercy while admiring the stunning monuments erected in their memory.

Visit our heritage listed cemeteries

Did you know that two GMCT cemeteries are listed by the Victorian Heritage register? The register is an official listing of more than 2000 places and objects assessed as historically significant to the state of Victoria.

You can also find fact sheets on the history of GMCT cemeteries on our History and Heritage page.

Fawkner Memorial Park

Fawkner Memorial Park contains a wide range of historically-significant monuments, memorials, funerary art, buildings and botanical features. This includes graves of early Melbourne pioneers from the 1840s, such as Melbourne's founder John Batman, and the restored mortuary carriage pictured below.

Williamstown Cemetery

Williamstown Cemetery was opened in 1857 and is also listed in the register of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria). The cemetery is one of Victoria’s earliest memorials to Melbourne’s maritime pioneers and is home to the largest mass grave in Australia. It was also recently announced that the historic landmark fountain at the Williamstown Cemetery, dating back to 1882, will be restored to its former glory as part of a joint funding initiative between Victoria’s Heritage Restoration Fund and GMCT.

Get involved with your local historical society

Many local historical societies and friends groups organise research and activities involving our cemeteries.

Keilor Historical Society

Keilor Historical Society hosts the annual Harrick’s Cottage Open Day near Keilor Cemetery in partnership with GMCT. Established in 1988, the aim of the society is to promote the history of the Keilor region. Monthly meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month.

Lilydale and District Historical Society

Lilydale and District Historical Society is a community group working to foster historical interest and knowledge in Lilydale and surrounding areas.

Healesville and District Historical Society

The purpose of the Healesville and District Historical Society is to encourage and facilitate the study of the history of Healesville and district. The group meets monthly and hosts walking tours of Healesville Cemetery.

Friends of Williamstown Cemetery

Friends of Williamstown Cemetery is a newly-established group of volunteers who work to research, protect, conserve and build appreciation of the cultural and historical significance of Williamstown Cemetery. The group recently joined a working bee hosted by GMCT and helped prepare cemetery records for digitisation.

Friends of Coburg Cemetery  

Friends of Coburg Cemetery is a group focused on the preservation, conservation and appreciation of Coburg Cemetery. The group holds regular events and working bees and works to protect and preserve the cemetery and its rich history.