• Date: 31/05/2017
  • Cemetery: Fawkner Memorial Park

Campbellfield Creek which runs through Fawkner Memorial Park will be rehabilitated under a new partnership between GMCT and Melbourne Water. The project will improve the health of the creek environment, beautifying the area for our visitors, fostering biodiversity and creating a better habitat for wildlife, including native birds.   

Melbourne Water will provide funding for the project via its Stream Frontage Management Program, which will include the purchase of over 2000 indigenous seedlings to be planted by GMCT staff at the Campbellfield Creek site in the coming months.

Works recently began along a 200m section of Campbellfield Creek which runs south from Box Forest Road through Fawkner Memorial Park.

As part of the project, Melbourne Water is also removing some invasive species, including seven mature willow trees and several Desert Ashes from along the creek.

Willow, Desert Ash and other species targeted as part of the rehabilitation project are considered environmental weeds in Victoria. Willows pose a particularly serious threat to our waterways. Their characteristic dense canopy, invasive roots and heavy leaf fall can smother our creeks and lead to reduced habitat values, as well as poor water quality and flow. Dense willow thickets can impact creek bank stability and lead to erosion.

Replacing non-native vegetation with indigenous plants will help to improve the health of the creek system, which will also improve sustainability of the area by reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Wood from the removed trees will be reused as mulch around our cemeteries in line with our focus on sustainability, while Melbourne Water will undertake a site rubbish clean-up over the course of the rehabilitation project.

It is hoped that this project will lead to future partnership opportunities between Melbourne Water and GMCT resulting in further improvements of this site and other locations around our cemeteries.

You can find out more about Melbourne Water’s Stream Frontage Management Program here.

Read more about the project in our community update.

For further enquiries, please contact GMCT on 1300 022 298 or email enquiries@gmct.com.au.

Campbellfield Creek at Fawkner Memorial Park.