• Date: 22/04/2017
  • Cemetery: Fawkner Memorial Park

Bike tours will be returning to Fawkner Memorial Park in 2017 following our successful Great Cemetery Open Day tours in 2016. Join GMCT and The Squeaky Wheel to get fit, meet other members of your local community and explore some of the cemetery’s beautiful hidden places.

The Squeaky Wheel is a not for profit organisation celebrating bicycles as vehicles for social change. The organisation works in partnership with individuals, councils, commercial and cultural organisations to present bicycle tours, training, valet parking, campaigns and programming.

In 2017, The Squeaky Wheel will run tours on the following dates:

Saturday 22 April, 3 - 5pm

Saturday 13th May, 3 – 5 pm

Saturday 29 July, 3 - 5pm

Saturday September 30, 3 - 5pm

Find out more and book here. Bookings may also be made by calling 0431 991 450.

Cemeteries for leisure

Cemeteries are special places for us to remember loved ones. Many of our cemeteries also provide a peaceful parkland backdrop for a quiet stroll, biking or walking a dog and we invite all members of the community to embrace their local cemetery as a part of their daily lives.

Whether your visit is for recreation, remembrance or research, we ask that all visitors behave respectfully and remember that our cemeteries are shared community spaces.

We look forward to welcoming you at your local GMCT cemetery in the future.