• Date: 25/09/2016
  • Cemetery: GMCT Home
GMCT is pleased to share with you our strategic vision and road map for 2016-21.

This exciting new strategic plan builds on our achievements since the establishment of GMCT in 2010. Our plan has been informed by ongoing consultation with our internal and external stakeholders – including our customers and visitors, staff, our community advisory committee, members of the funeral industry, cultural, religious and special interest groups, local residents, and local and state government.

At the heart of this new strategic plan remain our organisational values: respect, integrity, sustainability and compassion.

As a cemetery trust, GMCT serves a diverse and multicultural community. Meeting the equally diverse expectations and needs of those communities is our core focus.

We invite you to review our strategic plan and to let us know how we are doing. Your feedback is invaluable as we commence this next phase and will help us continue to provide you with relevant, trusted and compassionate burial, cremation and memorialisation services; and importantly, create spaces, places and experiences for you, your family and future generations.

You can access the new strategic plan in PDF format here. Previous strategic plans and annual reports are available here.