• Date: 26/08/2014
  • Cemetery: Our Locations

All Souls' Day is an important community celebration for Melburnian Catholics.

Many families use this Holy day to visit their loved ones resting at one of the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries. It is a time of reflection and of thanks for the lives that touched us, and connect with others who have also suffered the loss of a loved one and who find comfort in their faith.

For several years, the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust has hosted All Souls' Roman Catholic Masses to enable members of the community to join together, celebrate and remember their loved ones, and to participate in this important day of the Roman Catholic calendar.

This year, all members of the community are invited to join us at:




Sunday, 26 October

2:30pm (Italian Mass)

Preston Cemetery

Sunday, 2 November

2:30pm (Italian Mass)

Williamstown Cemetery

Sunday, 2 November

2:30pm (Italian Mass) & 4:00pm (Polish Mass)

Altona Memorial Park

Saturday, 8 November

Saturday,8 November


Saturday, 8 November


Saturday, 8 November

11:00am (Multilingual Mass)


10.00am (Blessing)


10.30am (Blessing)


11.00am (Italian Mass)

Keilor Cemetery


Lilydale Lawn Cemetery


Yarra Valley Mausoleum


Lilydale Memorial Park

Sunday, 9 November

2:00pm (Italian Mass)

Fawkner Memorial Park


Please double click on the cemetery name for more information about an All Souls' Day Mass in your area.