Answers to your frequently asked questions about The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust are provided below.

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1.  Which cemeteries does the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust manage?

The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) operates 19 cemeteries across north, east and west of Melbourne.

2.  How are cemeteries funded?

As a Class A Cemetery Trust, GMCT receives no government funding and relies on the sale of burial plots to fund maintenance and development of its cemeteries.

3.  Why was GMCT established?

GMCT was formed to ensure the on-going financial viability of the cemeteries it runs while maintaining a community focus. This will help build a sustainable cemetery sector for the future.

4.  Who owns the grave?

All graves are vested as Crown Reserve land. Instead of purchasing the grave outright, individuals purchase the right to use the grave in perpetuity. This is referred to as the Right of Interment.

This also includes the right to establish a memorial or monument on the grave site.

5.  Who maintains the cemetery grounds and memorials?

Maintaining a well-presented cemetery is a partnership between the GMCT and the community.

GMCT is responsible for maintaining the overall cemetery grounds and facilities while the Right of Interment holder is responsible for maintaining memorials.

6.  What grounds maintenance does GMCT do?

GMCT has 100 full-time equivalent staff employed to do grounds and maintenance work across its locations.

  • Lawn mowing: lawns are mowed on a regular rotational basis
  • Grave top-ups: this occurs at all cemeteries over time as the earth settles following the burial; it occurs faster after periods of moderate-heavy rain.
  • Upkeep of gardens and water features: a team of gardeners looks after GMCT's gardens, removing weeds and planting fresh flowers.
  • Facilities maintenance: mausolea, public toilets and car parks are regularly maintained to ensure positive customer experience.

7.  What other services does GMCT offer?

Flowers can be purchased at selected GMCT locations. There are also catering venues available to meet the needs of our diverse communities.

8.  Can I contact a cemetery about my own or a relative's funeral?

Yes -while many people work with a funeral director, it is possible to have a family-directed funeral.

9.  Does GMCT cater for different religious and cultural groups?

GMCT staff have a great deal of experience meeting the needs of Melbourne's diverse community.

Many of our cemeteries have sections for various faiths and communities and we are in regular contact with religious leaders about their community's specific end of life requirements.

10. What is GMCT doing for the environment?

GMCT is committed to increasing our sustainability and in developing environmentally friendly burial and end of life options.

We have completed an Environment Management Plan and monitor the emissions from our cremators regularly and are well within EPA requirements. We are also undertaking research into emerging green options.

11. How can I provide feedback to GMCT?

Feedback regarding any of the GMCT's locations can be emailed or provided in person to the reception staff. An online customer experience survey is also available.

12. Where can I find additional information on GMCT and the Victorian cemetery industry?


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